Your Life Reimagined Summit 
For Women Who Are Ready To Reinvent

Wednesday May 27th - Friday May 29th 
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST - Daily

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Your Life Reimagined
is a Virtual 3-day Summit for conscious women who are ready to step into this next chapter; wiser, bolder, and living unapologetically their full self expression and authentic truth.

Life, as we have always known it to be... is now over.

Things will never again be the same.
That being said, during this time of great pause, you have had a hot minute to ponder the question: 
Who am I? 

And what the heck am I really doing here? 
You may also have questioned your marriage or relationship, your work, your life’s purpose, even the way you have been raising your children.

These questions don’t always lead to answers, but sometimes to even bigger questions such as…
  • Do I even want to go back to the way it was?
  • Does the work I’ve been doing even give me the meaning and purpose I have always been searching for?
  • Have I grown out of this relationship and am I ready to think about moving on?
  • ​Is there something bigger and bolder out there for me?
To get these answers, and know what is the best action to take in order to reimagine yourself, means finding your tribe and doing the inner work.

When you connect with other like-minded women, who are also on the edge of their greatness, you get the support that you need in creating what’s next.

By diving deep inside of yourself by getting grounded, focused, and open to activate the downloads of wisdom and creativity that have been dwelling dormant inside of you, you get clarity, confidence and courage.

This is what we offer.

Join us.

This is the time to awaken to your purpose,
to redefine your path, and to reimagine your life.

It’s now or never.

Understanding and loving yourself through the Human Design System

Join Adriana Rayon, Owner of the Healing House, Reiki Master and Human Design Facilitator, for an awe inspiring mini masterclass to learn the basics of Human Design. Discover what your Human Design Chart means for you so that you can start living by your own design and find joy and purpose in the things that matter to you the most.  
Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Join Hay House Author and Ted X Speaker Jennifer Grace for an opportunity to discover your life’s purpose and create your life’s purpose vision mission statement!
FutureProof Your Life & Business 

Join in demand Business & Branding Strategist Berjheny Del Mar for an action packed training session where you will learn the steps to create a fulfilling and meaningful life, step into the highest version of yourself and create a recession proof, resilient business and brand. 
Creating Miracles in the New 5D
(5th Dimension) World 

Join Celebrity Intuitive Coach, Janet Namaste, for a powerful experience in learning how to tune into each month’s energy and discover how to become aligned with a 5th dimensional frequency, so that you can begin manifesting your new reality.
2020 Vision Board Do-Over 

Join Kelly Carter, Transformational Trainer, Speaker, and Catalyst Coach, for a fresh look into what’s next on your updated 2020 vision board. Learn the three best steps to creating your own awe-inspiring dream board so that you can get back on track with your 2020 plans and discover how to manifest and take action on all that you are creating in this new world.
Seven Simple Ways to Build Positive
Energy in Your Home  

Join Valentina Tischenko for an enlightening workshop on how our energy imprints, and/or those of others, can keep our home energy stagnant and not in flow. Learn simple practices and how to do a house blessing ritual, so that your environment is filled with new found positivity and peace, the perfect foundation for creating what’s next!
Maximizing Health and Mental Wellness with The Power of Self Care 

Join Jackie Chiodo, Founder of Joyful Yoga and Clinical Hypnotherapits and Wellness Coach for an engaging workshop on how to use simple self-care secrets and the power of hypnotic meditation to eliminate toxic thoughts and dis-ease in the body caused by stress, so that you can lead a happy well-balanced life.
The Art of Letting Sh*t Go

Join Leadership Development Trainer and Mental Health Counselor Millicent Huser for an engaging workshop on learning learning how to respond instead of react, letting go of what holds you back, and releasing being obsessed about what everyone thinks about you, so that you can set yourself free! 
Natural Rescue Kit for Doggies: 7 Natural Remedies Any Mindful Dog Parent Should Have at Home

Join Veronica Gluecksmann M.B.A. (aka the Barefoot Mama) health and wellness doggie expert for an inspiring workshop on how to holistically approach viewing symptoms of your fur baby so that you can treat the root cause and promote true healing with effective natural and holistic alternatives.
Healthy, Wealthy, Wise: The Power of Adaptogens and Positive Affirmations

Join Jenell Lyn International Catalyst Coach, Registered Nurse, and Global Health and Wellness Business Owner to learn how to boost your immunity, increase your energy, and get into the best shape of your life all while saving money on food so you can live with a sense of security regardless of the circumstances around you!
Take Action - How To Overcome Procrastination and Make Things Happen
Join Lola Saudino, Transformational and Consciousness Coach, to learn the magic of ‘powerful questions’ so that you can start finding the answers that will move you into action and discover how to create a powerful master plan to move you into the direction of your dreams.
Facing Adversity and Reconnecting to
Your Inner Strength

Join Keegan Mills, Transformational Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Writer for a deep dive into healing the wounds of feeling overwhelmed and isolated by the world's current crisis. In this workshop you will first recognize the thought patterns that get in the way of your ability to move forward in your healing, and learn how to shift your mindset to connect to your inner strength and resilience so that you can find peace and joy again.
Creating a New Relationship with Time 

Join Sally Villalba, Certified Clarity Coach, Speaker and Creator & Founder of Women In Business Radio Show, for an experiential workshop on how to to decrease the feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion of having to juggle online schooling, your joy, the housework, and your relationship all at once. Learn tools to keep you steady in times of turmoil, so that you can keep a clear mind to better make decisions, plus develop time management skills so that you can embrace your day, one moment at a time.
Picking Up New Pieces - Stepping Stones
to a Richer Life

Join Vicki Dawn, transformational coach, trainer, and business consultant for a introspective mini master class on three ways to move past limiting beliefs and emotional blocks to find a new level of compassion for yourself, love for others, and courage to create a new life/work balance after COVID19.
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